13 Years Since Someone Memorized a Line on SNL

Cue cards are nothing new, but they never used to be so noticeable.  Saturday Night Live (SNL) has turned its so-called actors into simple cue card readers.  It’s a wonder that anyone watches these “comedians” fumble over reading cards instead of memorizing lines like they used to.

Not since Season 24 when Donald Trump hosted, giving a monolog in which he proclaimed himself to be a ratings magnet and stating that SNL was better off with him on it, has someone said something without reading it from a prompter.  During the monolog, even Jimmy Fallon told Trump that he was the one thing NBC had going for itself; Fallon then proceeded to fire himself.

SNL continues to be praised regardless of the fact that they have not even tried in over a decade.  Perhaps somewhere along the lines, someone thought the “live” part of SNL meant that they should not rehearse or practice lines ahead of taping.

Not since The Legend of Ron Burgandy have we seen such obvious reading to the camera by a comedian.  At least Will Ferrell meant to do it.