China Buys Google for $1 Trillion

In an unexpected event, the company that was started with the help of the United States Government was sold to China.  Alphabet (Google) set a record for being the first company to be sold with four commas in the dollar amount.

1,000,000,000,000.00 US Dollars or 6,828,000,000,000.00 Chinese Yuan is the largest financial transaction ever.  Google is going to help the Chinese government censor what they don’t want the citizens of China to see.

Google pulled out of China in 2011 because the Chinese government hacked Gmail.  Googles motto used to “be don’t be evil,” which was changed to “do the right thing” in 2015.  Most would say that Google that selling out to China will allow the Chinese government access to the personal information of most people in the world.

Maybe it was easier to buy Google than the hack it.